What Hiring Managers are Looking for in a Great Receptionist

Working as a receptionist can be interesting, rewarding work — if you land the right position. To find your dream receptionist job, it’s important to know what hiring managers look for when they are choosing the person to bring on board from among all of the different applicants.

Some of the key traits and skills hiring managers look for when hiring a receptionist include:


  • Strong communication skills

Receptionists spend much of their day communicating. You need to have excellent written and oral communications skills, so you can make a positive first impression to in-person visitors and callers. You also need to be able to communicate the needs of clients with company personnel who can fulfill those needs as part of their roles.


  • Interpersonal skills

Having good interpersonal skills means more than just being a good communicator, although that is important. You also need to be able to give and receive criticism, prioritize competing demands, make customers feel as if they are being heard, and avoid office politics.


  • Professionalism

You want to come across as being competent and in-control, so you can impress visitors or callers to your company and make them feel they are in good hands. Every aspect of your countenance should be professional, from the way you speak to the way you dress at work.


  • The ability to multi-task

Receptionists often have lots of things going on at once – phones ringing, people visiting, staff members needing support and more. You need to be able to prioritize, to juggle all of your daily tasks and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


  • Good organizational skills

Most receptionists have a lot to keep organized, from files to phone messages and beyond. You’ll want to showcase your strong organizational skills so hiring managers will have confidence you’ll be able to quickly access necessary information and get everything accomplished.


  • Technical knowledge

You’ll need to know how to use phone and computer software that the company relies upon for its operations. This hard skill is one of the most important in most receptionist jobs.

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