How to Answer this Loaded Interview Question

Your resume was impressive, your cover letter stood out, and you’ve made it to the interview phase. Preparation is so important when it comes to this stage of the job search process. When you meet with a hiring manager, you need to be able to address every tricky question, especially the most difficult one: Why are you job hunting?

Stay Calm

Most applicants experience anxiety when asked this common question. Don’t let the interviewer see you sweat. Take a discreet deep breath if you feel yourself getting nervous. Crafting a thoughtful answer will impress a potential employer. The best approach to this question is a thoughtful reply, and then move onto the next question.

Be Diplomatic

Avoid being too blunt when you’re asked why you are job hunting. Think about the real reason you’re job hunting, and put a spin on it. Emphasis what you’re looking for, not what you’re running away from. If you feel totally stuck in your role, say instead that you’re looking to grow your career. If you are struggling with your supervisor, mention your desired for increased responsibility.

Don’t Explode Under Pressure

During your interview, if the hiring manager circles back to this topic, find a way to definitively address the subject. If they are insisting you say more about your job search, tell them that the company is going in a different direction, or that you’re focused on finding new challenges to master. Remember that “Why are you job hunting?” is not necessarily an attack. You do not have to apologize for taking measures to further your career. Remember that you are doing what’s best for you, and confidence throughout the job search will help you land the right position.

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