How to Get Your CDL License

Taking on the challenge of earning your CDL is not something everyone is cut out for. It may seem like just a test, but there’s so much more to being a qualified CDL professional. If you’re looking to add this license to your professional portfolio, we can tell you all about the process.

Preliminary Requirements

To pursue a CDL, start by reviewing the basic requirements to guarantee that the position you’re seeking will be a good fit. To have a CDL, you’ll have to meet certain criteria such as:

  • Having a valid driver’s license
  • Passing a written exam
  • Meeting the age requirement (18+, although some states may say 21 and over.)
  • Meeting the physical requirements (being able to operate a vehicle over long stretches)

Obtain a CDL Permit

You remember getting your driver’s permit, right? The CDL process is actually pretty similar! Preparing some relevant knowledge ahead of time will help you ace this step. You’ll pass a series of written exams that cover general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicles. Once you’ve passed these exams and achieved your permit, you’ll be able to continue on in the process to earn your CDL.

Consider CDL Endorsements

Your next step will be to consider any endorsements you want to add to your CDL. When you obtain your CDL, you can opt for additional tests that will give you higher clearances or different benefits. The HazMat endorsement, for example, can be added to your license if you engage in a background check. Check your CDL manual to learn more about CDL endorsements.

Take Your Skills Test

The final step towards getting your CDL is the skills test. When you take this exam, you’ll complete a three-step process that will cover pre-trip inspection, control skills, and a driving test. After you’ve prepared for these tests, you’ll be be able to set a date to conquer these challenges and earn your license from the state.

Once you’ve earned your CDL, there are dozens of opportunities to exercise your new credential. You’ll be able to drive busses, trucks, and haul heavy equipment earning a salary upwards of $35,000. Depending on the gig, you could be making over $50,000 a year for a private company if you’re willing to work long shifts.

To find the right job now that you’ve got your CDL, you’ll want to work with a top staffing agency that can place you in the right driving position. Contact recruiting experts like Spectra360 to find the perfect role.