Not So Fast! Give That Job-Hopping Resume a Shot

As a hiring manager, you are so used to piles of resumes. You can probably detect red flags in a heartbeat. One of the typical characteristics of a resume that goes to the bottom of the pile? Frequent job mobility. If this is something you identify with, it’s time to revisit your practices. The times are changing – job-hopping isn’t as toxic as it once seemed. The stigma of job-hopping simply isn’t as relevant in a society full of freelancers and contract professionals.

What Has Changed?

There has been a shift occurring over the years, more prevalent now than ever. Employers don’t necessarily have the control. In years past, managers would sift through candidates and the lucky winner would hop on board and stay with the company for over twenty years. This simply isn’t the case anymore, especially in the most innovative industries. In tech, marketing, and many other areas; candidates are mobile in the best ways. They expand their knowledge, relocate willingly, and search for growth opportunities.

Why Take a Chance On A Job Hopper?

Job-hopping is a signal that this individual has multiple passions and is easily inspired. Aren’t these traits you’d like to capitalize on? As a manager, you want to very best from your people. Hiring apt workers with a variety of skills will help your company leap to the next level.

Professionals that have short stints at multiple companies will be given the opportunity to learn from multiple employers. When you come across a job-hopping resume, you should seriously consider this candidate.

How Can I Adapt?

Your hiring practices are still valid, but a new era means candidates are more likely to request flexible scheduling and even contract employment. First, when you see a job-hopping resume, take a closer look. Even if the time spent in positions is short, look for progressive amounts of responsibility, or proof that this worker takes initiative. Other indicators are often better predictors of how an employee will perform under your supervision. Once you’re in the interview, just ask the questions you want answers to. Perhaps the prospective hire has justifiable reasons for each transition, and will be a great asset to your team. 

As you expand your team, you want to employ the best possible candidates. Spectra360 can help you find the perfect fit for any role. With our multiple locations and variety of qualified candidates, you’ll have to right hire in no time. Contact us today to learn more.