The Skills Every Office Professional Needs to Have in 2018

In any office, there are so many tasks to delegate. One way to establish yourself as a valuable member of the team is to prove that you are versatile. Having multiple areas of expertise will allow you to contribute to any project. We’re here to share the skills you need to be an office asset.


In 2018, you have to be flexible on the job. The ability to adapt is more necessary than ever, especially with trends in alternate shifts and new technology. You should be knowledgeable about the latest apps and industry-relevant software, and also able to switch your schedule as needed by either a supervisor or a client. Adapting to any situation will show your prowess as a multitalented staff member.


One of your responsibilities in the office, believe it or not, is being a friendly face. Supervisors seek a positive attitude in the workplace, especially when things get tough. Optimism is a marketable skill; working with a defeatist is challenging and stressful.

Time Management

Employers look to this ability more than most other administrative skills. Time management is about more than getting tasks done under a deadline. Being terrific at time management makes you a more productive and effective worker. Strategically planning tasks to maximize efficiency will benefit your supervisor as well as your entire team, so time management is a must.

Effective Communication

Half of communication is being able to understand what’s being asked. Active listening can help you be the most effective communicator. If a task is requested, confirm by repeating the inquiry back to make sure there is complete clarity. You also want to present yourself as a great communicator. Make sure you speak in a concise manner, and always project confidence.

Planning Expertise

Organizational skills are highly sought out in any industry. Employers look for an individual that can create a plan and carry it out flawlessly. You should be able to multitask effectively on the job. This can include making early morning calls while catching up on data entry, or using your insight to plan around everyone’s schedule. In a modern office, last minute changes will always occur, so you have to stay apprised of all details whenever possible.

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