What Can Your Old Bosses Say About You?

When you interview for a new position, you may wonder what previous employers will say if they are contacted. Even if you’ve provided glowing references for the hiring manager, you may be wondering what exactly your old bosses can say about you when it comes your past performance and personal information. Here’s what you can expect regarding what your past employer might disclose.

Consult the Rulebook

Managers can give information about an employee being fired, and can also provide their reason. Although there are no national laws about what a boss can or cannot say about former employees, there may be state-level policies that can impact discussions between a former and potential supervisor. If you’re not sure what your state’s laws entail, examine your state’s labor department website.

What About My Former Boss?

As you apply for a position, you’ll provide references. They may be former colleagues or mentors, or you may have good relationships with your previous employers. For any job you apply to, a potential employer will reach out to your most recent boss. If you aren’t confident about what that previous boss will share, make that call. Contact them to touch base and ask how they would describe your work history, and what they intend to disclose. Make sure you understand where your former supervisor is coming from, and that you’re not misrepresenting any information.

Dealing With Negative References

You may encounter a situation where you might have to provide information for a reference that will speak about you negatively.  What you can do to counteract a negative reference is provide additional positive ones. If you can bolster your list with positive professional input from a mentor or colleague, the negative reference will seem diminished. You can also develop your network to create positive professional relationships. Having strong connections in your industry will help you stand out as you apply for jobs.

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