What if Your New Assignment is Not Working Out?

When you’ve been placed in the wrong position, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed immediately. Whether you are finding challenges with your coworkers, your tasks, or the role just isn’t what you signed up for; don’t panic. There are lots of options if you’re hating your new position.

How Do I Know It’s the Wrong Fit?

Starting a new position can be chaotic. The onboarding process is typically stressful, and a job can seem awful in the beginning. We first recommend trying to stick it out. Often a job is more intimidating in the first week, and you may find yourself settling in. Give your new position a chance before you throw in the towel.

However, if there are any severe red flags right away, such as flagrant disregard for OSHA regulations, extreme harassment, or other unsafe working conditions: protect yourself. Contact your recruiter immediately to discuss next steps.

What Do I Do Now?

Based on your recruiter’s recommendations, you may have a few options. You may be able to return to your previous position if you left recently, and on good terms. If either of these isn’t the case, you should be able to restart your job search again. Reach out to your connections and focus your efforts on networking once again. Be genuine with those asking about your search: Tell them it wasn’t a good fit and you’re really to find a new role.

What Can I Expect From My Recruiter?

Go back to your recruiter and be honest: Tell them it’s not a good fit, and give specific examples about your experience thus far. Don’t make any decisions until you discuss the situation with your recruiter, because quitting on the spot can be detrimental if you don’t have the right support. Even if you hate the role, you do not want to burn bridges. Your recruiter is your best chance at getting out of a tricky situation, so trust that they can turn this around for you.

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