3 Reasons Why Managers Must Be On Time

Holding a management position takes commitment and hard work. Holding yourself to a higher standard is the best way to earn respect from your employees. One of the most important traits of a quality manager is punctuality. Whether you’re new to your position or looking to step up your game, we’ve got some proven reasons why being on time is your best bet to leading a successful team.

It Shows Consistency

When you’re commanding a crew, regardless of the size of your staff, you need to show up for them. This builds a sense of community and mutual respect, and it also helps your team stay on task. If you’re an hour late to work, your people might not be able to carry out their responsibilities without you. Staff members don’t want to see an empty chair when they need advice or assistance.

It Shows Professionalism

Arriving on time each day is imperative because it proves you are management material. If you scheduled a meeting with a customer that was a no-show, how would you feel? What if they rushed in the room, frazzled without their materials? You’d be less than impressed. To put your best self forward, it’s crucial to be on time. Punctuality helps you in every facet of professionalism: you’ll have time to collect yourself, make any last minute changes, and be 100% prepared for whatever comes next.

It’s the Expectation

How can you expect your team members to be punctual when you aren’t? Your colleagues and clients will expect that anyone in a management role will show up on time. The expectation is that you’ll be there, helping your team tackle each day. In many industries, you never know when a client or supervisor may drop by with a request. The only way you can guarantee that you are representing your company well is to make sure you’re on time every day. Life will sometimes get in the way, but establishing the norm of arriving early to your shift will demonstrate true leadership ability.

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