Interviewing Articles

What To Expect In A Second Interview

While the first interview covers general screening questions, the second interivew will dig deeper into your specific qualifications.Here’s what to expect:

How Do You Prepare for a Supply Chain Interview?

The logistics of moving products from the manufacturer to consumers requires specific abilities and strengths. When you are interviewing for a supply chain position, it's vital that you can effectively demonstrate those strengths through your interview and resume....

How To Tackle Your First Interview Following Being Laid Off

After being laid off, you're likely eager to find a job ... and worried about the first interview you will need to go on in order to get hired.  One big concern: How you'll answer questions at your interview that reference the reasons why you left your previous...

Questions You Must Ask Your Interviewer About A Position

Getting an interview is an exciting part of the job search process and it means you may be one step closer to finding your dream career. The interview provides the opportunity for the potential employer to get to know you to determine if you would be a good fit for...