How To Get A Good Reference

October 23, 2018


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A good reference can be the key to success when you are looking for a new job. Many employers require each job candidate to provide a minimum of three references. Here are our tips on the best way to get a good reference.

Ask Two Previous Employers And One Coworker.

Previous employers that will give you a glowing recommendation are the perfect people to put as a reference for the work you’ve completed, but a character reference can also provide a picture of your future potential. Rather than speaking specifically about how you are at work, they can speak about whether you are responsible at home, good at juggling responsibilities, or about your character in different situations. These are given by people you have worked with or have known you for a long time.

We recommend putting a former coworker, or a former project partner (perhaps a college friend, a coach, or a former client) on your resume and labeling it “Character Reference.” If you don’t have any previous employers, you can also ask college professors, teachers, or a coach.

Give Prior Warning.

If you write down a name and number for a reference, you’ll want to make sure that person is ready for the call. If you wrote down their name five years ago and now you’re looking for a new job, make sure you reach out to remind each person. It’s awkward for a recruiter (or a potential new employer) to call someone who can’t remember you or isn’t sure what the call is about.

Be Specific About What You Need.

When you make someone’s life easier, you look good. So, when asking someone if they are willing to be a reference for you, be clear about what you want said. For example, “This position is in HR, so it would be very helpful if you could mention that I was good at dealing with picky customers or that I found solutions when my teammates disagreed.”

Get Recommendations In Writing.

As your career progresses, the people you worked with at previous companies might move on. You may lose touch with them. You may even work for a competitor of theirs making it harder for them to give you a good recommendation. If you have some recommendations in writing – LinkedIn is a good place to request and keep them – you can share them with recruiters ahead of time and perhaps speed up the hiring process altogether.

A good reference is a necessity when it comes to getting a better job. Even when you are not specifically in the midst of a job hunt, it’s always a good idea to maintain excellent relationships with people and holding on to a stack of good references. If you are in the midst of a job hunt or having trouble requesting a reference from a former employer, Spectra360 can help. Contact us today or search our open jobs online: https://spectra360jobs.com


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