Do you remember being a kid in school, thinking “I can’t wait for summer vacation,” as you sadly stared out the window at a beautiful June day?

To be honest, we sometimes do this even as adults, but we don’t usually have two fabulous months off work to look forward to. This fear of missing out can get you down when you are under the fluorescent lights of the office or warehouse, wishing that you were outside. In fact, this can result in a distinct lack of employee motivation in most industries during the summertime. We say most, because it isn’t really a problem at Spectra360.

How Do Spectra360 Employees Stay Motivated?

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing talent management agencies, Spectra360 works with some of the biggest logistics companies in the nation. We connect them with talented individuals looking for both short and long-term employment. And there is often a lot of demand for qualified and motivated workers during the summer months.

So, how do our employees beat the heat, stay motivated, and keep on top of things in July and August?

Schedule Some Outside Time

While you might be “stuck” inside at the office throughout most of the day, even spending a half-hour outside can give you a huge energy boost.

Rather than eat lunch at your desk, go outside and absorb some of that sunlight! Not only will you be boosting your vitamin D levels, but you will also be elevating your mood for the rest of the day. Spectra360 employees work in dozens of different positions, but all of them know how vital outdoor “breaks” can be to keep them productive and happy.

It should go without saying, if you have a day off every week, to spend at least a portion of it outside, enjoying the sun and warmth. That vitamin D boost will get you motivated quickly. Trust us, it will be fall before long, so take in that beautiful weather while you can!

Drink Lots of Water

Lots of the employees at Spectra360 work in warehouses or jumping on and off trucks, a job that can get pretty active and hot at times. Workers must keep themselves adequately hydrated, especially during a season when it’s often 90° and above outside.

If you aren’t drinking enough water, you can be hit with headaches, irritability, dizziness, dry mouth, a lack of concentration, and even fainting. Keeping hydrated during the summertime will help keep you at peak productivity, no matter what your job. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the warehouse, driving a long-haul truck, or working in the office, be sure that you have a water bottle handy at all times!

Stay in Shape

Whenever you land a new job, we know how it can consume almost all of your time. But that doesn’t mean you should not be keeping yourself physically active. Figure out what kind of exercise you love and move it outside for the summer!

The warm weather of the summertime makes it perfect for fitness and fun activities. Not only will this get you out into the sun, but it will also help keep you physically fit. This can translate into feeling more motivated when you’re working in a physically-demanding job, like in the warehouse, but that’s not all. Keeping in shape will especially help if you’re sitting in a chair all day, like in the office.

New Challenges

Spectra360 employees are rarely bored. That’s because they are working in one of the most dynamic and varied industries in the U.S. today: logistics.

One of the best ways to distract yourself from the beautiful summer weather is to be highly engaged with your job. If a Spectra360 worker gets hired, we can promise they will be on their toes, learning as much as they can about the job and our client. There’s less time to think about frolicking around in the sunshine because there’s too much to do!

In the end, the biggest motivator for Spectra360 employees in the summer is the possibility of finding the job of their dreams! Whether it be in a temp, temp-to-hire, or permanent placement, we will help you find the perfect match between your skills and what a company is looking for. Contact us today to discover exactly how we can help!

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