How To Hire The Best Skilled Workers In The Logistics Industry

When it comes to recruiting the logistics industry’s skilled workers, how do you find them, and how do you reach them? How do you get the right people when you need them? How do you evaluate candidates to know if they will not only be able to do the job, but also stick around?

Most experts agree that no single strategy will solve your recruiting challenges. You need a combination of networking, cold calling, social media, and emails to ensure prospective employees know about your company and the potential opportunities. In short, you need to be where the skilled workers are.


While manufacturing – and therefore logistics – is growing in this country, competition for skilled workers to fill those roles is tough. In fact, recruiting for these jobs is harder than it’s been in nine years.


To turn the odds in your favor, you’ll want to look to a recruiting firm that specializes in logistics positions. These recruiting firms not only understand your individual challenges but will have a pool of candidates as well as a network from which to draw.


How To Choose The Recruiting Firm For You.


So once you decide to engage a recruiting firm, how do you choose? First and foremost, look at the results. The firm should be able to tell you the types of companies and the jobs they have filled. No, they won’t divulge their client list, but they will be proud of their results. You want your firm to be skilled in your area as they will have a database to draw from.


Next, be clear on the types of jobs you want to fill. Do you need entry-level personnel or seasoned managers? Most logistics companies need a range of talent to staff their warehouse — from the floor to the corner office — make sure the firm has a proven track record of doing just that.


From there, you will want flexibility in the employee relationships you want to build. There are those times when you need to hire a full-time employee, but other times you might not be so sure. You may want a contractor to fill a quick need or to complete projects, or during a busy season, you may need seasonal workers. But if you’re facing a potential uptick in business, you’ll want a temp-to-hire relationship to see how things work out. No matter what the situation, be sure the recruiting agency can be flexible with your requests.


If you are fed up with recruiting altogether, you may even choose to outsource the entire department. Some agencies will take entire departments in-house from accounting to HR, thereby alleviating much stress and creating efficiencies in your company. If this is on your radar, make sure the recruiting agencies you interview are up to the task.



In the end, it’s about the relationship you are able to foster with the recruiting team. Of course, you knew where this article would end… Spectra360 can do all of this and more. We have access to all major job boards, a database of thousands of resumes updated daily, the network you need, and a “Talent Knows Talent” referral program that keeps us at the top of the list for hiring the best-skilled workers in logistics. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions or suggest us to your team leader, download our flyer today or contact us for more info.


About Spectra360

Spectra360 is one of the nation’s fastest-growing talent management agencies. We introduce talented individuals to logistics companies that are in need of their specific expertise to keep the business growing. We work on a Contract, Temp to Hire, Direct Hire, or Managed Services basis.

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Since mid-March, 15% of the US workforce claimed unemployment, and the number is expected to rise. The basic truth is that companies don’t have the finances to afford all employees, leaving many out of work. But, not all. If your company is able to navigate these awkward times, some employees must stay on board to keep the ship going. So, how do you make sure you are one of the lucky few?

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