Thanksgiving in America evokes a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude, but we can’t help but wonder, is my employer grateful for me? We all long to feel valued and appreciated, yet the hustle and bustle combined with the pressures of our jobs don’t always create an environment where gratitude is expressed.


The truth is, employers invest considerable time and resources to attract, assess, and hire their desired candidates so they hold those employees in high regard. The short answer is, yes, employers are grateful for their employees.


Do they show it? Then again, do you? Are you helping your teammates feel valued? If you’re a manager, are you helping the company to hold on to those employees you cherish? There are many ways you can demonstrate your appreciation for your team, for the people who come to work daily and work hard, helping to keep the business moving and perhaps, motivating you to do your best.


Here is the best way to sprinkle gratitude throughout the workplace:


Just Say Thank You


It’s amazing the power two words can have on an individual. Just pausing to recognize a team member when they have done something a little extra goes a long way to convey your appreciation.


Gratitude is a mindset that not only improves performance, it also increases job satisfaction by fostering an environment where good work and effort is witnessed and appreciated. Thank you cards, gratitude boards, and other methods of public recognition that can be encouraged by leadership and also by peers.


An environment of gratitude also impacts how all employees filter their workplaces. Stress levels diminish, career success increases, relationships improve, aggression subsides, and even health improves when gratitude is part of the culture.


Fostering a culture of gratitude is imperative, whether it’s a tight job market or if jobs are plentiful. Retention increases, employees are more likely to recruit people in their own networks, and productivity improves.


In this season of giving thanks, why not look for ways to instill habits of recognizing employees that last all year? Your team will appreciate it!



At Spectra360, we put people at the forefront. We are so very grateful for each of our employees and our clients and we continue to work toward our ultimate goal: “Making People Proud.”


If you’re ready to recruit employees who enrich your culture, Spectra360 can help. We are experts at supporting your recruiting function to attract, hire, and onboard the right talent for your growth positions. Contact us today!


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