Team managers often find themselves not only doing their own work but also overseeing others and helping team members to get their jobs done.  Juggling all the different roles you have to play as a manager and getting everything done in a day can be a major challenge.  Fortunately, by working on some basic time management skills, you can become more productive and ensure that you always get your most important tasks completed.  Some of the key ways to improve your time management skills include:

Creating and sticking to a schedule

By organizing your daily tasks in advance, you will always know what has to be accomplished and what your deadlines are. While some unexpected events are inevitable, having a pre-set schedule can help you to prioritize your day and allow you to jump right in on the most essential tasks when you get to work each morning. 

Prioritizing tasks

When you create your schedule, and as you respond to the different things that come up during your work day, you will need to continually evaluate what tasks are the most essential.  By evaluating the tasks that have to get done first, you won’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute to finish up something that is time-sensitive. 

Setting boundaries

While you want your team members to come to you for help if they need it, you also should have boundaries in place to limit how many outside tasks you take on. You could easily spend your entire workday helping out others and doing non-essential tasks, so be sure everyone knows what the limits on your time are. You may also wish to set up some blocks of time where you aren’t to be disturbed except in an emergency so you can get uninterrupted work done. 

Managers are most productive when they have a great team who can work with minimal supervision and who gets the work done right the first time. Spectra360 can help managers to hire qualified candidates so they have the best possible team for the work that needs to be done.  Reach out to us today to learn more about how our talent management experts can help you.