Six Traits Managers Look For in a Model Employee

February 26, 2019


Traits of a Model Employee

You’ve landed a job you love, and you want to show your manager you’re indispensable. Or maybe you’ve been working at your company for a while, and you’re trying to get ahead. There are certain traits managers look for in ideal employees. Compare your attributes to the list below and see how you measure up.

Managers appreciate workers who have a sense of urgency.

Mark Cenicola of BannerView.com feels when he asks an employee to do something, the default assumption should be he needs it right away. Employees who get that idea without being told are typically high-performing and good at prioritizing. Even better if you can anticipate your manager’s needs!

Be amiable.

If you’re easy to get along with, you can probably form great relationships with people both inside and outside your company. This personality trait is helpful for strengthening bonds within teams. But be careful not to be too agreeable. Being easy-going is one thing; being a pushover can set you back in your career. Be careful not to let your boss or co-workers take advantage of you.

Know how your job fits into the company.

Managers appreciate when employees understand why their jobs exist and how they fit into the framework of the organization. This allows the best employees to suggest ideas that may enable them to work more effectively.

Employers appreciate a worker who’s motivated.

If you’re not in an entry-level position, there won’t be someone there to tell you what to do every step of the way. Managers like employees who can work independently without constant prodding or reminders.

Flexibility can be an essential characteristic.

We live in a world where business dealings happen globally, so sometimes it’s important to adjust your clock accordingly. Besides time zones, flexibility helps employees learn new software, skills, and technology. Managers love workers who aren’t afraid of change!

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