According to the Wall Street Journal, “container shipping moves 95% of all manufactured goods around the world.” Given that this is only one part of the global logistics industry, imagine how many things you use on a daily basis are a direct result of logistics.

As one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, we have noticed a surge in applicants to all of our logistics positions online, as well as a healthy growing line at each of our recruiting events. Logistics is a big business, and there are never-ending opportunities in the field, with absolutely no signs of slow-down in the future.

The logistics industry has consistently grown with jobs across the sector in everything from manual warehouse work to supply chain management. Whether you have a high school diploma or a graduate degree, a career in logistics can provide you with security, stability, and opportunities.

Logistics is a Continued Growth Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment in the field is projected to grow 7% from 2016 to 2026. In comparison to other industries, this is steady growth – a good indicator of a stable industry with continuous career growth opportunities. Supply chains are already heavily reliant on technology, but we expect this reliance to grow and call for more employees well versed in technology to join the industry.

Logistics is a loyal industry

Logistics has many facets and levels, so advancement opportunities in the field are also available. Industry blog Supply Chain Digital reports logistics companies tend to promote and train low-level employees to higher-level positions rather than hire outsiders. Promotions are very common in logistics, with the hardest workers advancing the fastest.

Logistics looks to the military for hiring

At Spectra360, we actively recruit military veterans for logistics careers as many of them have reciprocal training. The logistics industry is not only loyal, but also a very team-driven type of work. Understanding your own part of the greater company’s mission can take you far and is something most military veterans understand wholeheartedly.

Logistics provides opportunities that will take you far… literally.

People have been traveling because of trade for thousands of years. A career in the industry today can open up opportunities to travel daily or to relocate far and wide for a new job.

Whether you’re looking for a position in warehousing, trucking, or supply chain management, Spectra360 can help you find the right company for you. We believe every talented individual deserves a shot at the career of their dreams, and we’d like to help you earn yours! Our jobs database has hundreds of positions in the logistics field. Browse our available positions, or upload your resume today.