If you’re looking for ways to advance your career, the answer may be in your current job. Because warehouses see a fair amount of turnover, the opportunities for advancement present themselves regularly. The question is, will you be ready? You don’t have to earn a promotion to earn a raise. There are many ways to build your career and one of them is bolstering your warehouse skills.

1. Know The Lingo

Every warehouse has its particular lingo or way of communicating. Perhaps your warehouse throws around a lot of acronyms, or there may be unique systems and processes in place that are specific to your products. Regardless, having control within the environment is crucial to standing out and therefore acquiring more responsibility. If you want to brush up on your lingo, check out this handy resource.

2. Stay In Shape to Boost Your Warehouse Skills

Most warehouse environment environments are physically challenging and at a minimum, require a fair amount of time on your feet. Improve your odds for getting ahead when you keep your body in shape through both exercise and healthy eating habits. You improve your odds of getting a raise or promotion when you are healthy, can stand, squat, and walk for long durations, and you can lift loads of 50 pounds or more.

3. Be Open To New Technologies

Demonstrating openness and a desire to learn new technology can differentiate you from others in your job type or level. Technology is imbedded in all aspects of business, and the more responsibility you achieve, the more you will be expected to interact with sophisticated warehouse systems. There are several common inventory and logistics systems that are prevalent within particular industries which may also prove to be transferable in your future career.

4. Know Your Job Progression

Familiarize yourself with the progression of your current job as well as the job you desire. Identify your career goals and develop a plan to put yourself in the running for the next role in your plan. This may mean picking up additional warehouse skills such as forklift experience, transportation knowledge, or scheduling in order to acquire the skills you need to qualify for a promotion or raise.

5. Be A Team Player And Natural Leader

A well-run warehouse is a direct result of its employees and teams. Demonstrating that you can work well with your team as well as with other team members will bode well when it comes to performance reviews and raises. Managers want to know you are an effective communicator and are a welcomed addition to any discussion or process improvement.

Want more? Here are the top five rated skills of successful warehouse workers.

The warehouse and logistics market is always looking for quality workers, and once you are with a company, there is significant opportunity to grow with that company. If you would like more information about Spectra360 and find out how we can help you land a temp, temp-to-hire, or contract position in the logistics industry, we invite you to contact us today!

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