What is Onsite Talent Management?

May 16, 2019


Onsite Talent Management
As we are one of the nation’s fastest-growing talent management agencies, Spectra360 can’t afford to rest on our laurels!

Back when we were founded in 2013, we recognized that there was a burning need for a company dedicated to finding top-notch talent for logistics companies looking to expand their teams. But in order to provide these logistic companies with the best talent, we needed to understand them first.

To gain this experience, we worked closely with the logistics industry, learning everything we could to make sure that we could not just source qualified candidates, but find the best of the best that would fit into their teams at a moment’s notice.

As we grew, so did our resources. We worked with more and more companies, always aiming to improve our services. We wanted to get to know individual companies, to learn their specific staffing needs. So, what could be done?

What is Onsite Talent Management?

When you hire a staffing agency, they tend to work remotely. A company gives them information about their services and needs and the staffing agency finds fully qualified workers who can do the type of work that is necessary. But what if a company wants a better match, not just in skills but also in temperament and personality? Well, then they need a talent management agency and that talent management agency will need better information. And what’s a better way to get information than to go directly from the source?

With onsite talent management, a professional from the talent management agency is embedded directly within your organization. They get to know your workplace culture, what your team dynamics are like, and what it’s like to genuinely work in your office. And from there, they become an extension of your business.

By placing dedicated recruitment resources at your site, we can offer a faster recruiting and onboarding process, pinpoint specific hiring gaps, offer wage assessments, integrate our state of the art centralized payroll process, deliver real-time metrics, implement and monitor OSHA-approved safety protocols, and manage any disciplinary actions and terminations.

What are the Benefits?

Simple. This all-in-one onsite talent management solution improves both hiring and retention: a huge cost savings offering!

  • The match between employees and employers are much better because the talent management agency has a stronger understanding of what the business needs and the culture that the employee will be joining.

For example, every worker who comes to Spectra360 gets put through a detailed interview process. We don’t want to do a general “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” style of interview. We actually want to know the details of these individuals so we can ask them the right questions to pair them with the right companies.

  • In our experience, fewer accidents occur using this method of hiring and employee management. When the onsite talent manager is onsite, employees feel more comfortable. They are more likely to voice concerns and ask questions because they have already established a relationship with the onsite talent manager. More questions means less risks, which means less accidents.
  • Employers are happier when they have a fully-vested onsite talent manager on staff because they don’t need to worry about the HR portion of the business. Having a talent manager onsite is better than HR because they are more invested in the performance of the team. After all, their job depends on it!
  • Retention is better. Employees tend to stay on a job longer when the job is more than a good fit for their skills and expertise. If the company has a culture that they enjoy, they can be happy in their work. And having an onsite talent management group taking care of hiring means a better cultural fit for each employee.

There are so many ways that onsite talent management benefits businesses, but in short: it makes the business run smoother.

If you want to find the perfect match between company and employee, then Spectra360 is precisely what you’re looking for. You no longer have to worry about lengthy and expensive searches for the right employees because we send them right to your door! If you’re interested in exploring more of what Spectra360 has to offer, we invite you to contact us today!

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