What To Highlight On Your Resume When You’re Unqualified For The Job?

April 24, 2019


What to highlight on resume
If you’re hoping to get hired for a position that you are under-qualified for or even unqualified for, you must be smart and creative with the way that you present yourself. You need to be honest about your qualifications and abilities, but you also want to showcase how the experience that you do have has prepared you to excel.

When you’re writing your resume, there are a few key tips to try to sell yourself to an employer even if your skills don’t exactly match up with the open position.

  • Focus on transferable skills:

You likely acquired skills at past positions that would translate well into the job you’re hoping to be hired for. Structure your resume to show off these transferable skills. This could mean writing a skills-based resume highlighting your talents rather than just a chronological resume that is structured around your job history. 

  • Highlight skills you believe would help you do the job:

Provide details about your accomplishments and past professional successes that emphasize how your talents can help you to excel in the position you’re applying for. Having skills and abilities the employers didn’t specifically ask for may be just the advantage you need to get the job. 

  • Highlight your unpaid experience:

If you have an educational background that has helped to prepare you for the job or if you have done volunteer work within the industry, showcase this unpaid work as long as it is relevant. 

  • Show how you can meet the employer’s needs:

Employers may have a wish list of qualifications for open positions, but their ultimate goal is to find someone who can do the job well. If you can demonstrate that you’ll be able to add value to the organization, the company won’t be as concerned about whether you have the exact work experience or resume requirements they said they were looking for.

If you’re not quite qualified for a job but want to get your foot in the door anyway, working with a recruiter can help. A staffing professional who is trusted by top companies can recommend you for positions you’re interested in and companies may be more willing to take a close look because you come in with this personalized recommendation.

Spectra360 has established relationships with many business organizations and we can help you to land your dream job, even if it’s a position that is a reach for you. To find out more about how we can assist with your job search, join our talent network today!

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